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Importance of a deep sleep

Anti-aging from deep sleep and correct posture

Smart bed SMEAD provides a deep sleep and helps maintaining a correct posture to prepare a healthy 100-year life.

Immunity strengthened

A lack of sleep causes stress and brings down immune system. Cells of a person with sleep deprivation can’t produce antibodies that fight with viruses due to reaction to stressful situations. A good sleep is essential for those with weakened immunity.

Healthy skin

When suffering fatigue, our body lowers body pressure and pulse to protect itself. This reduces blood circulation and causes a significant impact. This is why newborn babies sleeping for 2/3 of a day and toddlers who need a nap has better skins than adults.

Memory improvement

Our brain saves all information gained during the day while sleeping. For those with important tests and tasks, it is more effective to take enough rest than reading one more page.

Heart-protective effect

If you skip sleeping, the heart keeps working and blood pressure gets higher as time passes. According to relevant research, people sleep less than 6 hours have 70% higher blood pressure than those who sleep 7 to 8 hours.

Weight loss effect

According to research result by Columbia University Medical School, 60% of people who sleep only 5 hours are more likely to be overweight than those who sleep 7 to 9 hours. When people suffer lack of sleep, leptin and ghrelin hormone levels that facilitate hunger increases and people feel more hunger.

Enjoy the rest of nature!

Smart bed SMEAD Hinoki (cypress wood) Series improve comfortable sleep environment, bring physical and mental health.

The efficacy of Hinoki (cypress wood)

  1. Rhinitis, asthma treatment and prevention: ‘Hinoki cypress wood’ have excellent antibacterial effect.
  2. Improving allergic and allergic skin: Strong antibacterial effect to improve skin diseases, reduce skin pruritus.
  3. Enhance immune: Hinoki enhance immunity due to help produce antibodies to the antigen.
  4. Prevent insomnia, help to deep sleep; The unique aroma of cypress wood stimulates the central nervous system to bring psychological peace, to help comfortable sleep.

Recommended to these people!

Old and weak

Spondylitis, bones sick, infirm


Tired students who sit in chairs all day


Sudden increase in body weight and the need to ease the center of gravity


A person who is not comfortable with the mattress and is not easy to fall asleep

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